Is there a a right way to play guitar ? No. But there are ineffective ways. Certain techniques belong to certain styles of playing.

Lets use how many fingers to play with as one example. Three finger or four on the fretting hand. Many blues style player prefer three.

Clapton is the obvious three finger player. Given the amount of string bending involved in his playing it makes sense to avoid finger four. Finger four is weaker full stop. Also it is easy enough to reach four frets with three fingers. (Note that his fingers are at an angle to the frets enabling greater reach.)

Lets look at using four fingers.


The four fingers approach is evident here. (One finger per fret. Fingers parallel to the frets). Given the complexity in terms of fretting chord shapes in classical guitar and the big stretches the music itself dictates using  more fingers.
The final point is if something is written with four fingers or three fingers I use that way. This means having two
ways of playing.